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Sunday, March 06, 2005

My Attempt at Naming Everyone I Know...

Ok Here we go...

School: Ren, Ryan, Frances, Rickey, Robert, Josh H, Josh T, Joel, Marlena, Lindsay, Lily, Aarica, Alisson, Yarley, Eathan, Matt S., Nicole, Sean, Shawn, Will, Talia, Janae, Patsy, Karissa, Narli, Liz, Kenya, Javi, Mark, Matt A., Dani, Berkley, Deanna, Evan, Tyler (Fred), Jesse, Jessie, all those dumb girls that always call me (you know who you are),Kelsey, Alexander

Zoom!: Frances, Bryana, Sean, Nikihl, Alexandra, Michelle, Aarica, Karissa, Allison, April, Marissa, Anthony, Riley, Andrew, Cassie, Jose, Maggie, Paul, Rachel, Rachel, Sarah, Sean, Stepfanie, Whitnee

Road Runners: Samual, Billy, Jesse, Eric, Tiffany, Shanna, Quincey, Rebecca, Becca, Racheal, Racheal, Aaron, Austin, Sara, Sarah, Mathew, Christopher, Coach Mena, Coach Rosie, Coach John, McKayla

Church: Matt, Matt, Timmy, Ryan, Brendan, Eli, Bo. Fe, Bro. Olmer, Daniel, Bryce, Emilee, Lindsay, Candice

Family: Graham, Lisa, John, Holland, Quincey

Hollands Friends: Adrian, Tom, Logan, Ashley, Yorgen, Rachelle, Zack, Kim, Michelle, Mike, Myles, Michale, Coryne, Tiffany, Annelise, Kelly, Aaron, Tyler, Camron, KC, Melissa, Holly, Stefanie, Crista, Josh, Eilane, Katie, Kieth, Justin, Sarah, James, Eden, Courtney, Sydney, Jimmy, James, Kellen, Kelsey, Mandy

Quinceys Friends: Tommy, Joey, Alexis, Chace, Rachel, Henry (I don't have any Magic cards!), Alyssa, Erin, Savannah, Hayden, Jorge, Louie, Nolen, Lexis, Chloe, Courtney, Hunter, William, Jimmy, Drew, Ami, Albert, Hannah

If I forgot your name on these lists, it means that you aren't very important. And for some of you, if I put your name on this list, it means that your name (or face) is weird enough to remember...

is coach rosie a guy?
Coach Rosie is a girl...
you might want to take kelseys number off.. she lost her cell phone anways....
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